The advantages of pure mohair wool


We only use high-quality cords of 100% pure mohair wool fort he manufacturing of our tried and tested saddle girths. Our mohair cords are made of the soft and dense undercoat of the Angora goat, that originates from the barren regions oft he Anatolian Highlands. Mohair wool has an extremely smooth and at the same time softly structured surface, which provides a high level of tear resistance and resistance to mechanical impacts.

Because less can really be more.

If your horse reacts with agression and defense when it is time to tighten the girth although you already have spent a lot of money for the latest and most modern innovations on the tack-market, it can be helpful to remember the simple things that date back to our grandfathers' times and have been tried and tested for decades. A saddle girth made of pure mohair wool combines reduced design and high-quality material up to a striking level of functionality.

Your horse will enjoy it!


Mohair saddle girths are …

… an ideal solution for sensitive horses, that suffer from girth pressure and painful skin chafing when being ridden with a conventional saddle girth. Mohair wool stands out due its slight elasticity, which makes tightening the girth easier and provides a maximum amount of comfort for your horse without becoming unstable or worn out. The girth automatically returns to ist original shape after use. This hardly recognizable elasticity prevents one from tightening the girth too strong, which often can be observed when using a saddle girth with highly elastic parts.


A mohair girth allows the skin to breathe and stops the congestion of sweat as well as the resulting irritations in the sensitive elbow areas. It fits in with the body contour of the horse and follows every movement. The breathing will not be restricted in any way.

Due to the flat and almost edgeless construction of the mohair saddle girth it can be ruled out that the horse bumps his elbows against the edge oft he girth, which would reduce the horse’s freedom to move as well as its motivation to work and cooperate.


A mohair saddle girth can not only help to enhance the wellbeing of the horse but also increase its commitment. Girth pressure and all the connected „bad habits“ (all defensive reactions that occur while tightening the saddle girth are an expression of stress and/or pain) are going to be alleviated within a few weeks.

The usage of mohair girths has a long tradition among riders in the „western scene“ as well – and definately not without reason.


Two years ago, my sensitive Trakehner gelding was extremely sore in his elbow area during the winter shedding process, which led to a training pause of more than four weeks. I was pretty clueless how to stop the severe chafing. The problem occured while I was using an ultra-soft neoprene saddle girth, which I had bought under the premise to create the best possible comfort form y horse while schooling. I was no wonder that my horse reacted with unwillingness every time I tried to saddle him after the healing process was completed. While I was trying to do something good, I have achieved just the opposite.

I experimented with lambskin girth protectors and a pretty expensive french „wonder girth“ but nothing helped to improve the situation. It was the bulbous edge of the girth which led to sore elbows whenever I tried to school my horse.


While searching for a solution, I stumbled upon an article dealing with the countless advantages oft he nearly forgotten cord-girths which made me more than curious. But it turned out to be very tricky to find one of these highly praised „do-it-alls“ – particularly a dressage model for everyday use was impossible to find. All well known manufactures only had cheapish cord girths made out of plastic fibers to offer, which would habe absolutely no advantages concerning breathability and moisture-regulation.

This led me to contact mohair-manufacturers in the US because I wanted to start to experiment with the material by myself. After numerous modifications I finally held my very first handmade mohair dressage girth in my hands. This plain black prototype has been used for daily training for more than two years by now and it still does a great job.

Meanwhile tightening the girth has become an absolutely unspectacular part of our daily routine that does no longer cause stress or discomfort with my horse.

It has to be mentioned that a mohair girth is not a panacea for each and every problem within the whole wide horsey world and it won’t help to make a non-fitting saddle fit better – but in many cases it can help to give the horse a noticeablke relief concerning girth pressure and skin injuries.